Prevent Water Damage by Repairing a Leaky RV Window

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When a window is leaking, it is important to repair it as quickly as possible to decrease chances of damage occurring to the RV or its contents. An RV can be taken to a professional to have a leaking window fixed, but that can be an expensive option. Like any other automotive repair, it is cheaper to do the repair yourself, especially when it is a fairly easy one like fixing a leaking RV window.

How To Repair A Leaking Window In An RV

1. Using an all-purpose household cleaner along with water and a sponge, clean the window thoroughly. This will help the caulk to adhere more effectively and it can also help you to decide if the window is where the leak is coming from if you aren’t already sure that it is the source. Leaks can also come from the roof.

2. Using a sharp edge razor, carefully scrape off as much of the old caulk as you possibly can. While using the razor, be careful not to get hurt by the sharp edge. Also take care not to damage the window frame or the surface of the RV.

3. Clean the area where you have just removed the old caulk. Once the area is clean, let dry thoroughly so the new caulk can stick appropriately.

4. Use tape as a marker for where to apply the new caulk. This will help the edges of the new caulk to have a professional appearance and will help to keep caulk from getting on the surface of the RV.

5. Take your tube of caulking material and pull the cap off. Be sure to break the seal that is on the tube for protection. This is a step that is sometimes easy to forget. Snip the tip of the caulk tube to allow it to flow freely.

6. Place your new tube of caulk into your caulking gun. It’s important to wear gloves when working with caulking material. Caulk one side of your RV frame around the window being careful to apply steady pressure so an even stream of caulk comes out. It pays to practice a little if you haven’t used caulk before.

7. With gloved hands, push the caulk into any cracks you see. Let the caulk set and dry then remove the tape.

Choose The Right Cleaning Products And Cloths

It’s important to keep the RV clean and to choose cleaning products that are made specifically for RV cleaning. Using cleaning products that have a high content of alkaline can damage the caulk you’ve just worked to put in place. If you can keep the caulk in place, this will help to keep water from getting in and causing damage.

It is also important to always use cotton cloths for cleaning your RV and its windows. Cloths made from microfiber or polyester may feel soft, but over time they can rub off some of the caulking. This can cause leaking to come back.

Take Care Of RV Windows To Enjoy Your RV For A Lifetime

An RV can give a person experiences they might otherwise never have. Freedom of the open road has been a draw to the RV lifestyle for many years. RV enthusiasts love the opportunities that come with RV ownership and it pays to always protect your RV investment with proper maintenance.


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